3 Animals You Should Hunt if the Food Supply Chain is Disrupted

3 Animals You Should Hunt if the Food Supply Chain is Disrupted

In our modern, coddled world, we rely on a global supply chain to get most of our food. That includes meat. But what happens when that supply chain is disrupted?

In truth, most people would fall apart. They might even believe animal meat would vanish almost overnight. But this is far from the truth.

The reality is that there are many animals you’d still be able to hunt regularly even if a global crisis took hold. Grab your gun and brush up on your sharpshooting technique, and you’ll be able to feed your family well by focusing on these three animals.

Note that we recommend avoiding larger game like deer, sheep, and so on unless you live in an environment with plenty of these animals and don’t have tons of other hunters competing for the kill. In a global crisis, you want to focus on animals that are plentiful and nutritious.

Lots of hunters already know how great duck tastes – at least if you cook it right! Duck meat is delicate and nutritious, especially since it has more fat than some other small animals you can hunt in a food crisis. Even better, ducks are found virtually everywhere across America. Whether you live in the mountains or on the plains, chances are you’ll be able to find some ducks in short order, especially as they start breeding.

A single duck often has enough meat for a whole family. Be sure to season well with salt and pepper and don’t overcook it – you want the fat to stay in case you aren’t eating as much as you normally would be.

Squirrels are another good secondary option, though they aren’t as nutritious as ducks. This is largely because squirrel meat is leaner on average, so you don’t get your required daily fat from one of these critters.

In addition, squirrels just don’t provide tons of meat since they’re small. But what they are is abundant. It’s relatively easy for a moderately skilled hunter to stride into the woods and come back with a bag of squirrels to feed him and his own.

Combine squirrel meat with other foods, and a good fat source like olive oil, and you’ll have your nutrient quota filled relatively consistently.

Lastly, you can also try to hunt turkeys in the wild instead of from the grocery store. The good news is that turkeys can be found in tons of places across the US, including both the East and West. Furthermore, turkeys are, simply put, quite stupid – you can even call them over to you for an easy meal.

You probably already know that turkey is delicious and nutritious. A single bird provides plenty of meat, so they’re great bang for your buckshot, too.

In short, focusing on hunting these animals and scavenging for other food will help you make the most of your limited resources and energy.

Leave the big game hunting to the mob – aim true and remember that there’ll almost always be plenty of these critters to go around. 

Thank you for reading, stay ready.


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