3 Things You Need to Have in your Bug-Out Bag to Start a Fire

3 Things You Need to Have in your Bug-Out Bag to Start a Fire

A “bug-out bag” is an emergency survival bag that you prep so you’re always ready before a catastrophe.

In the event of a wide-scale disaster, you can “bug out” and get going.

A bug-out bag should have basic emergency supplies and a first-aid kit, as you would expect.

However, many people forget that you should also include some supplies to make a fire in case you have to survive away from shelter. 

Here are the three things you need to have in your bug-out bag to start a fire if necessary:



First and foremost, your bug-out bag should have tinder. Tinder is the starter material that allows a blaze to get going. Tinder can be any material that can easily light from a regular spark or flame. But good tinder also has to stay lit for long enough to add kindling, which sustains the fire.

Tinder for a bug-out bag can be seed pod fluff, pine needles, pine pitch, wood shavings, and even certain types of dry paper like the kind used in paper egg cartons. You can also get advanced tinder material from commercial sources online that come pre-packaged and ready to throw in your kit.

Regardless of the material you choose, make sure your bug-out bag has enough tinder to get multiple fires going if you need to survive in an extended emergency situation.



The next key component for building a fire with your bug-out bag supplies is a lighter of some kind. There are two types of lighter: disposable and permanent.

Disposable lighters are any that need a built-in fuel source to work. The type used to light cigars and cigarettes is a good example. Regular matches also fall under the category of “disposable” since they can each only be used once before having to be thrown away. Disposable lighters aren’t ideal for survival situations, even though some can last for quite a while, because they will eventually run out of fuel.

Permanent lighters are often a much better choice for your bug-out bag. That’s because you can use them as many times as you need without having to worry about using up their fuel.

A ferro rod is a perfect example. It’s a thin metal tool that, when struck with a scraper or stone, will emit a shower of sparks that you can spray over your tinder material or kindling. The nice thing about a ferro rod is that it won’t wear down very easily over time. You can even use your survival knife as a scraping tool, so it’s ultimately a very versatile lighting solution.



You’ll lastly want to make sure that your bug-out bag has a water-resistant container that you can put all of your fire-starting equipment in. This is especially important if you have disposable lighters and tinder material that is susceptible to getting wet. 

Your bug-out bag might already be waterproof, but we’d still recommend getting another water-resistant container to make extra sure that nothing gets wet. Wet tinder will prevent you from starting a fire at all, which can be a catastrophe in certain circumstances.



Your bug-out bag isn't complete unless you have these materials to start a fire wherever you end up going. Make sure your bag has all three to be sure you'll survive in an emergency.

Thank you for reading... Stay Prepared. 




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