How much ammo should you stock in case of a nationwide lockdown?

How much ammo should you stock in case of a nationwide lockdown?

It's no secret that rumblings of another shutdown are starting to circulate. As a result, ammunition sales & gun purchases have skyrocketed. In the event that the United States goes under heavy lockdown to stop COVID-19’s spread, you may need to stockpile your ammunition ahead of time.

But how much ammo should you buy? First off, you probably have your background checks squared away, but it doesn't hurt to educate those who don't. So if you don't, get that done NOW.

For those who are already proud gun owners, be sure to read and reference this article before heading out.

Why Stock Ammo?

A nationwide lockdown is no joke. If the US gets to this point, you won’t be able to easily get ammo for your weapons, if at all. Even if you can order cartridges through the internet, your waiting time for delivery will be much longer than you expect.

It’s a much better idea to stock up on cartridges ahead of time so you don’t need to run to gun stores buy a bunch of boxes in the middle of a pandemic or another mass shootings lockdown event.

Things to Consider

Type of Gun

Firstly, how much ammo you need depends heavily on what kinds of guns you have and the gun laws in your state. Rifles and handguns are by far the most common, but the good news is that .22 and similar cartridges are easy to find in bulk amounts.

You’ll naturally want a ton of ammo for your rifle if you have one. If you’re a hunter, this goes double since you may need to actually use that tool for food if the lockdown lasts for a really long time.

If you’re mostly interested in purchasing ammo for self-defense, you should buy plenty of pistol rounds, but you don’t necessarily need as many as a hypothetical hunter. If your weapon is supposed to prevent violence or looting, odds are you won’t squeeze off as many rounds since the gun itself will act as a great deterrent.

Whatever your situation, be sure that you target rounds that you use for your most important gun.

Ammo Cost

You’ll obviously need to consider the cost of ammunition, which varies by gun shops, cartridge type, and the number of cartridges in a box. Pistol ammunition is often a little cheaper, although some very common .22 LR rounds and similar cartridges are also fairly affordable for rifle users.

The point here is that you’ll need to balance cartridge quality with your overall budget. Better ammunition usually costs more as well, but if you’re stocking up for a potential situation, you should probably buy more cartridges instead of premium ones.

Try to get middle-of-the-road cartridges in terms of overall quality with affordable prices in order to balance both aspects as best you can.

User Accuracy

Finally, consider your overall accuracy when using your favorite weapons. If you’re an excellent hunter and a sharp shot, you can probably get away with purchasing less ammo since every bullet will count. If you aren’t very experienced, it may be helpful to purchase a few extra boxes of ammo, just in case you need to take multiple shots to take down a target or protect your property.

How Much Ammo, Bottom Line?

Ultimately, only you can answer how much ammo you should stock if there's a future crisis.

We’d recommend getting at least 4000 rounds for your most-used weapons, as this gives you plenty of wiggle room in terms of missed shots and practice cartridges.

Good luck, stay prepared!
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