How to Prepare for a Complete Power Grid Outage

How to Prepare for a Complete Power Grid Outage

No one ever wants the power grid to go out completely, but every good prepper knows that it’s something to prepare for.

There are tons of things to keep in mind, but the basic guide below will walk you through how to prepare for a complete power grid outage so you aren’t heavily impacted by the dangers such an event might create...



Water is by far the most important resource to prepare for; we all need it every day to survive. A few cases of water bottles should be kept in your garage at a bare minimum for power outages. If you have a little bit of time to prepare before the power goes out, fill your bathtub and any other basin in your home, like a sink, with potable water. Make sure toilets are flushed ahead of time as well.

It’s smart to pick up some water filters so you can take water from streams or rivers and make that water drinkable for you and your family.



Food is just as important. You should already have plenty of food stores comprised of nonperishable meals and items. Stuff in cans is usually great, and most canned foods last for several years before needing to be rotated or consumed.

Make sure you have enough food for you and your family the last for at least a week. It’s also smart to have a place to hide that food in case others try to take it from you. Don’t rely on perishable food items or things you need refrigeration for.



Physical resources are important, but you also have to consider lighting! When the power grid fails, you won’t be able to rely on normal light switches to move around inside your home or at all during the nighttime hours.

We’d recommend having a few backup flashlights stored ahead of time. If you can, get flashlights with renewable or easily rechargeable batteries, like those that work when you shake them. A flashlight for every person in your family is a good number to target. Candles are also smart, though they’re less renewable and better for static light in the evening before bed (use these sparingly, of course).



Buy tons of garbage bags ahead of time. If left unchecked, your refuse can contaminate your living space or mark your home as a potential looter’s target.

Keep your garbage in check by using garbage bags and/or pits, or burn your garbage to prevent rats and other scavengers from invading your home.



Any good prepper ought to have a few methods of generating backup power. Generators are a good choice if you have the funds to purchase efficient ones and the requisite gasoline.

But solar panels are a much better bet for renewable power that you can continue to draw from forever. Grab a few of these and make sure you have batteries that can take advantage of their collective power.



As mentioned, don’t rely on your fridges and freezers to stay cold for long. However, you can keep some of the stuff inside a fridge or freezer for a while even if the power goes out.

Just keep the doors closed as often as you can and remember that chest freezers are more efficient than regular swing door freezers.



Ultimately, it’s difficult to be 100% prepared for a complete power grid outage. But following all of the above tips will go a long way toward ensuring you and your family can handle the challenges sufficiently to survive or even thrive in a tough spot.

Thank you for reading, stay prepared.




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