Teach Your Children How to Be Self-Sufficient with These 5 Skills

Teach Your Children How to Be Self-Sufficient with These 5 Skills

Today’s kids are much more advanced compared to their parents (and especially grandparents) when it comes to technology and computer science.

But they also lack a lot of basic life skills or common sensibilities that we remember learning when we were kids.

Want your kids to be self-sufficient instead of book smart tech-heads who don't know how to tie their shoes?

More importantly, do you want your kids to be able to take care of themselves instead of relying on the government or emergency services?

Here's what you should teach them:

Gardening may not seem like such a crucial life skill, but it really is!

Everyone should know the basics of how to plant food, tend to plants, and watch them grow. Not only is this important if your kids ever leave the city, but it’s also cost-effective and tasty.

Anyone who’s ever grown their own tomatoes knows how much better they taste than the ones you get at the grocery store!

Similarly, you should teach your kids the basics of foraging.

This is mostly important for safety reasons. Your kids should know that they can't pop every mushroom they come across into their mouths. Instead, point out common plants and fungi that are dangerous or safe to collect and later eat.

This may save your life one day, and it’ll help them remain self-reliant for some spices depending on where they end up living.

Sewing is a basic life skill that far too few people know how to do expertly, which is a shame.

It can save you years of earnings in the long run if you know how to sew and repair your own clothes instead of buying a new pair of jeans every time there’s a minor rip.

Teach your kids how to sew and not only will they save money, but they also might get into the skill as a hobby. Home-sewn clothes and blankets are the best!

This is particularly important for boys, but girls should also know some basics about home construction and repair.

They may not one day build their own homes, but your kids should know how to do basic home maintenance tasks like:

  • How to fix their own toilet or sink
  • How to clean their property
  • How to repair a busted doorknob or hinge
  • How to take care of their cars, especially for routine maintenance like checking the oil

Again, this will save them a lot of money. But it’ll also ensure that they won’t need to rely on someone else for basic fixes.

Lastly, be sure to teach your kids at least the basics of cooking.

We don't expect everyone to become a master chef, but no kid should enter college or the workforce and only know how to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Pasta, burgers, and baked chicken are great starting points to provide nutritious meals without being too complicated or hard to season.

As a bonus, teaching your kids how to cook will help them when it comes to romance. Everyone likes a partner who can have dinner ready when they get home from work!


While it's important for us to just "let kids be kids" every now and again, it is still our job to raise them right. By taking every single little responsibility off their plate, we're not doing them as many favors as we'd think we are. Setting our kids up to be ethical, responsible and successful adults can never begin too early.

Besides, they'll love spending time with you and enjoying quality bonding time as you teach them the tricks of the trade and pass on the torch- chances are, these will be the moments they fondly look back on from their childhood later in life. 

Thank you for reading, Stay Prepared.



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