What To Do If a Riot Reaches Your Neighborhood

What To Do If a Riot Reaches Your Neighborhood

Riots are spreading like wildfire throughout America. When even Washington D.C. is impacted by protests, you know that any neighborhood is a potential target for looting and rioting.

While we all hope it never happens to us, here are some things you should do if a riot ever reaches your neighborhood.

Before the Riot: Stock Up on Food and Water

If you’re able to right now, try to stock up on food and water and other essentials before an emergency comes knocking on your door. Having these things beforehand means you won’t need to risk being away from your home or family during an actual riot. If need be, you can hunker down and wait for the proverbial storm to pass. 

It may also be a good idea to get a gas mask. You never know when it may come in handy, or when either the police or the rioters might decide to use gas or smoke to attack the other side.

Stay Inside!

If a riot does come to your neighborhood, don’t try to scout or see what’s happening. Stay inside and try to draw as little attention to yourself as possible.

Riots, by their very nature, are unpredictable and the people participating in them are not acting rationally. They don’t care what your political affiliations or ideas are – you’re either with them or against them. And if they get a whiff that you’re against them, they could turn on you quickly.

Stay inside and don’t make noise or draw attention to your home. With luck, the riot will pass quickly.

Have a Handgun or Rifle for Self-Defense – Use It If Necessary

We’d strongly recommend having a self-defense weapon on hand. It goes without saying that you should be trained to use it.

If you do have a handgun or rifle and a rioter or small group looks like they are planning to break into your home, use the weapon. Don’t necessarily shoot anyone, but fire into the air and make it clear that you won’t hesitate to shoot if pressed.

Be Decisive and Quick if You Take Action

If you are forced to take action, be decisive about it, and don’t take chances. Shoot to incapacitate, and don’t hesitate at all if someone comes after you or your family. Remember, rioters are not acting rationally – it may very well be that the only language they’ll understand in a tense situation is violence.

It’s unpleasant to think about, but if you must shoot, do it. End the threat quickly and decisively.

Learn Ways You Might Escape

More importantly than the above, figure out if you’re able to escape or flee the mob. No matter how well trained you might be with that weapon, you can’t stop a mob of angry attackers. To this end, make sure that you have a few escape routes you might take if the main mob comes crashing on your door.

Lastly, if the opportunity to escape presents itself: take it! Your home and possessions aren’t worth your life. Always flee when given the opportunity. You can come back when the storm has passed.

No one wants to consider their eventual actions if a riot comes stampeding through their neighborhood.

But thinking about all this beforehand and taking some necessary, precautionary steps will go a long way toward ensuring you and your family are safe if it ever
does happen to you.

Thanks for reading, stay ready.

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